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Zero In Ultra Power High Voltage Flying Insect Killer

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The Ultra Power High Voltage Flying Insect Killer form Zero In uses two 10 watt ultra-violet lamps to lure light-sensitive flying insects such as flies, wasps and mosquitoes into a 1,700 volt, electrically charged killing grid. This proven insect killer delivers safe, effective and ongoing control of flying insects without using poison chemicals. 

  • Powerful plug-in insect killer attracts flies, wasps and other nuisance flying insects.
  • High-voltage 1600-1800v kill grid with insect access from 3 sides.
  • Eliminates flying insects hygienically and without pesticides.
  • Removable collection tray for easy cleaning.
  • Free-standing or hanging use (chain included).
  • Measures 255 x 440 x 90mm.