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April: A Greener Lawn and Vibrant Colours

White flowers

April is the time of year when your hard work starts to pay off! Your garden will now be starting to bloom beautifully with vibrant colours and interesting textures; this is the month where you have to keep your new plants in good condition to fully enjoy them in the summer. This April, your lawn will need tending to, further maintenance will be needed and you can start to introduce evergreens. 

Your lawn is now going to be demanding some extra attention this month. Start mowing your lawn regularly (ideally once a week) and spot bare areas that will need grass seed to encourage growth. 

Moss may be a problem for your lawn due to waterlogging or compacted soil. You can tackle this problem by using Miracle-Gro Mosskill which feeds the lawn while working to improve vibrancy in one week. 

April is a good time to start planting evergreen trees. These trees can withstand challenging weather conditions such as harsh wind and rain (April showers spring to mind!). Evergreen trees are a perfect addition to your garden as they carry leaves all year and come in a wide range of colours which will add interest to your garden. 

Evergreen hedging plants are also a welcome addition to an April garden. Conifers are a popular choice to grow but remember that evergreen hedges, especially conifers, will need to be pruned regularly to keep from overgrowing. 

Although we are now in a warmer season, it is still a risk to have vulnerable plants and flowers outside due to cold nights. Keep using your greenhouse this month to house your plants, but be aware that during the day, the risk of higher temperatures may dry out your plants. Keep windows open to circulate fresh air around the greenhouse; that all important balancing act we have previously mentioned in February and March!

Flowers such as daffodils will need to be deadheaded by snapping the head off, leaving the stalk. Deadheading is an effective and simple way to ensure that the plants will form next year's flower bud.

If weeds are a persistent problem in your lawn, we recommend using Miracle-Gro Complete, a multi-purpose product that feeds the lawn, controls moss and kills weeds. Your lawn will soon be looking healthier in no time. 



April is a busy and rewarding month for gardeners. Keep on top of your to-do list this month to appreciate the benefits for the summer.