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October: Give Plants a Helping Hand

Acer Palmatum, colourful and vibrant

Despite the colder days, October is the month where you will see the vibrant colours and textures that you have grown. Changing weather conditions mean that your garden will be needing a helping hand to stay healthy and strong, from citrus plants to soil. 

If you have been growing citrus plants, these should now be brought inside to keep them protected from the elements. Keep fresh air circulating by opening a window and keeping the plant nearby so it can grow safely. Another way, to keep your citrus plants healthy, use Vitax Citrus Feed – Winter. This has been specially formulated to provide nutrient support to all citrus plants. The feed prevents premature leaf fall and yellow leaves, while promoting growth. 

Now is the time to harvest your remaining fruits and vegetables. Bring in tomatoes to help them ripen indoors otherwise you run the risk of tomatoes failing due to frost. Other vegetables that can be harvested are peas, sweet potatoes and winter squashes. 

If you are growing strawberries, remove yellow leaves to prevent disease. Keep new strawberry plants well watered so that they can grow nice and strong. To aid your strawberry plants, use Vitax Organic Liquid Strawberry Fertiliser. This high potash feed provides a steady supply of natural nutrients to encourage strong healthy growth and increased yields.

Look after soil, especially if it is of the clay type. During the summer, the soil texture can become hard and difficult to dig through, while it can become sticky in the winter months. Mulching the soil will improve texture and moisture levels, making the soil a better environment for your plants. 

Another way to look after clay soil is to use lime. Lime works by raising the pH and forces the soil to stick together in clumps, making it easier to dig through. Westland Garden Lime breaks down heavy soils and helps plants to take up the nutrients they need for healthy growth and development. 

As you work through the soil, look out for weeds that can be removed. Your soil will look much healthier by the time you are finished! 


October is the time of year to keep working on ad-hoc jobs around the garden to keep it in good condition.  Water your garden in the early morning so that it can dry throughout the day before nightfall. If you haven't done so already, give your greenhouse some insulation to keep the temperature balance correct. Cut back perennials and prune climbing roses; tie them in to protect them from wind. 

As the days get shorter and darker, you don't have much time outdoors so use every spare moment wisely and keep on top of these maintenance jobs. With your help, your garden will be ready for the winter to come.