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June: More Spare Time, More Garden Jobs!

Fresh strawberries, ready for harvest

June is the month when your garden will be full of beautiful blooms, interesting textures and vibrant colours. All of the previous month's demanding tasks will have already been done so make the most of your spare time to enjoy being in your garden. That being said, you will still need to maintain your garden to keep it looking wonderful this summer. 

The hotter days now pose a risk to soil by drying it out and threatening the plants that have already bloomed. Spread mulch over soil to lock in moisture or if you want a more effective and quicker solution, use Westland Organic Chicken Manure Pellets. The non-chemical fertilizer is ideal for improving soil, as well as feeding of established plants. The formula contains nitrogen for stronger root growth, making your soil a more hospitable environment for plants. 

Roses will flower more at the end of the month but this is still the ideal time to concentrate on helping your roses to grow strong and healthy. To keep roses in good condition, use Vitax Organic Rose Food which contains the three major plants foods – nitrogen, phosphate and potash. The formulation helps to improve the composition of the soil and slowly releases nutrients to feed your roses. 

Continue to deadhead flowers. It may seem like an ad-hoc task but it does mean that flowers will be prolonged so you can enjoy their display for longer. 

Plant more summer bedding in containers while giving your hanging baskets a helping hand with liquid feed. We recommend using Doff Container and Basket Feed which contains micro-nutrients for flowers and plants in hanging baskets. The formulation encourages vibrant blooms, giving your garden a burst of colour. 

Vegetable seedlings that are growing in pots indoors can now be planted in soil. Vegetables that will now be well suited to the outdoors are kale, cabbage and sweet potatoes. 

Speaking of potatoes.. sow swedes if you haven't already! Meanwhile, you could make a start on harvesting early potatoes. Make sure that the flowers are open or that the buds have dropped before harvesting. 

Use tomato feed to encourage higher yielding tomatoes and delicious flavour. Levington Tomorite Concentrated Tomato Food  is enriched with seaweed extract that is ideal for growing tomatoes, as well as other fruit and vegetables. 

As with previous months, pests such as slugs will now be a common presence in your garden, effectively handled with repellents such as Doff Slug & Snail Killer which kills slugs and snails while reducing the damage they can cause. However, do you have any other wild visitors to your garden that are bigger than an insect?

Foxes are intruders that you don't want to enter your garden due to the damage they could cause. If you would like to deter them humanely, Defenders Fox and Wildlife Repellent helps to prevent these animals from damaging your garden by confusing their sense of taste and smell. 

However, the wildlife that you should want to visit your garden are bees. Encourage them by planting bee-friendly flowers so that they can feast on pollen and nectar. There are many early-summer flowers that you can plant for bees, such as foxgloves, delphiniums and hardy geraniums. 

Wasps are an annoyance that you can easily control with traps, such as Buzz's Honeypot Wasp Trap which you can hang on a fence or wall, or even stand it on a flat surface. It is a poison free trap that attracts wasps to the device and traps them inside. 


With these jobs done and dusted, you now have time to enjoy your garden in the summery evenings!