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September: Prepare for the Winter Months Ahead


Phlox Paniculata, a beautiful Autumn flowerSeptember is the month where you should start preparing for the changing season. Use this month to look after your lawn, maintain your greenhouse to keep it in serviceable condition and even look ahead to spring by planting spring flowering bulbs. 

Your lawn will be looking a little tired from the warm summer. To get it back to looking its best, we recommend using this month to scarify the lawn. 

A few weeks before scarifying the lawn, get rid of moss first. If moss is a serious problem in your garden, use Miracle-Gro Evergreen Mosskill which works by feeding the lawn, while killing moss. The lawn's vibrancy is restored in 7 days. 

Once the moss has blackened and died, mow the lawn on a low setting. After mowing, use a scarifier which works by cutting through the soil and removing dead grass. 

Your lawn will now be looking as good as new!

Now that it is September, your greenhouse will need to be prepared for the winter months ahead. Give the greenhouse a deep clean to prevent pests from settling; slugs and snails will ruin your plants and vegetables so get rid of them by using a slug killer, such as SlugClear Ultra 3 Pellets. The pellets kill surface feeding slugs and snails. One application lasts up to 2 weeks and is suitable to grow your own crops, so don't worry about your plants and vegetables being harmed!

It also helps to reduce watering plants during the day as this gives the greenhouse time to dry out before the evening comes. An unheated greenhouse is actually beneficial to plants during this time of year as it ensures plants stay dry and frost-free. 

You can also add to your greenhouse by growing alpines. The added benefit of the greenhouse means that they are protected from wetter weather and can bloom beautifully under cover. 

Tulips, hyacinths and daffodils can also be planted in a pot outside for a few weeks before being brought inside the greenhouse to bloom earlier. 

Look after your tender plants by overwintering them; move them into the greenhouse so that they are protected from the cold and nighttime frost. 

With less sunshine this month, it is important that greenhouse plants are given a lot of light so remove shading material to ensure plants are given the light they need to survive. 

Plan ahead for spring by planting spring flowering bulbs. If you would like a shot of early colour in the garden, the best bulbs to plant are snowdrops, hyacinths and crocuses.  These bulbs will bloom earlier if they are grown in pots first. 

You can also collect ripe seeds from flowers and keep them safe for you to sow in the spring. 

Weeds will still need to be destroyed, however the changing season is in your favour! Perennial weeds are particularly vulnerable at this time of year so grab the weedkiller and blitz those weeds!  

Westland Resolva Weedkiller 2 Action Concentrate Liquid Shots is a systemic weedkiller for the effective control of annual and deep-rooted perennial garden weeds; it targets the roots and ensures that the weed doesn't grow back. 

Dead leaves that have collected in the garden will also need to be removed as they can promote disease for your flowers. Utilize dead leaves as mulch to improve the soil around your plants and lock in moisture. 



Your September jobs will ensure that your garden is ready for the colder months ahead. By doing these jobs now, you are saving yourself a lot of time and stress. With your to-do list checked off, all you have to do now is enjoy the autumnal colours that are blooming around your garden!