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January: Happy New Year!

Frosty Lawn In January


Would you like to spend more time in your garden? January is the perfect time to make this your New Year resolution and create a beautiful garden that you will want to spend quality time in. 

Take a look at our monthly to-do lists so you won't be stuck for ideas. Read on for inspiration 

The January weather brings about harsh wind and cold snaps. These difficult conditions mean that your plants are more vulnerable and so you should use this month to protect the established plants in your garden. 

Potted plants are more at risk from the cold as their roots are above the ground. You should protect them with fleece, straw or plastic to shield them from the elements. If the weather is particularly brutal, bring these plants indoors. 

Other plants to bring indoors are potted bulbs. Bringing them inside will prolong their display and you can aid their growth by using fertilizer. We recommend using Eazifeed Fish, Blood & Bone which promotes plant growth and keeps plants healthy and strong. 

For young trees, use stakes or ties to keep them stable from the wind. You could also use a windbreaker to add some extra protection. 

Cultivating soil at this time of year is beneficial as it saves you time and effort in the later months. Digging up soil allows the cold weather to break it down and makes it easier to cultivate. 

Wintery winds will blow through your plants and trees, causing the leaves to fall.  Dead leaves that aren't cleared away can spread disease among healthier leaves so make sure these are cleared from your garden to prevent this from happening.

Get your garden looking presentable again by also clearing away dead stems; you can create some extra use out of them by composting them. 


January is the calm before the storm! Take advantage of this quieter month by preparing and tidying your garden before your to-do list starts to become longer and much, much busier!