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December: A Whole Year of a Beautiful Garden

Winter honeysuckle Lonicera Fragrantissima December Flower


December is the time of year where you can take a rest from the constant to-do list. This month, you should mainly be focusing on maintenance jobs around the garden, nothing too strenuous or demanding! Go at your own pace and enjoy the fruits of your labour from the past year. 

This month, focus on maintenance jobs to keep your garden healthy and thriving. Wind can be very unforgiving on plants and can also dry out the leaves, causing them to sicken. Protect vulnerable plants and shrubs from these harsh conditions with fleece or another protective material. 

You can also move plants that have grown too large for their space. Bring winter flowering bulbs indoors if you want to see them grow quickly in time for Christmas. Spot any vulnerable plants in exposed areas and move them to a more protected space to keep them safe from the elements.  

Winter prune fruit trees and keep them healthy using Baby Bio Citrus Food which can be used all year round to encourage growth and strong roots. Its high potassium content results in higher yields of fruits and vibrant flowers.

You will still need to work in your greenhouse to maintain the plants growing inside. Make sure that you don't over-water your plants so that the dry conditions in the greenhouse is maintained while also preventing disease.

Make sure your greenhouse is insulated and if not, keep an eye on the temperature by using heaters. 

This month, vegetables can either be kept in the ground or stored in a dry place indoors. For those you wish to keep in the soil, ensure they are well protected from the harsh weather. Cover remaining vegetables with nets to keep them shielded. Vegetables that can be kept in soil are brussel sprouts, broccoli, broad beans and kale. 

Stored vegetables require dry and cool conditions, so a shed would be the best place to keep them. Make sure every crop is in good condition before storing them; if you don't, a diseased crop can contaminate the rest of the healthy ones! 


December is a quieter month but that doesn't mean you have run out of things to do in the garden. Once you have finished these maintenance jobs, you will feel ready to welcome in the New Year!