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Vitax Citrus Feed - Winter 200g

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Citrus plants flower all year round so ensuring they have the right nutrients during the colder months will help fruiting in the summer.

A balanced, soluble fertiliser,  Vitax Citrus Feed – Winter has been specially formulated to provide nutrient support to all citrus plants.

  • Helps prevent premature leaf fall and discolouration
  • Carefully balanced to maintain growth
  • Applied monthly between October and March.

Vitax Citrus Feed – Winter should be mixed with water as instructed and applied to citrus plants when the compost has dried out. Citrus plants should not be over-watered during the colder months.

All citrus plants should ideally be moved indoors during the colder months into a warm, humid environment such as a greenhouse or conservatory.

Vitax Citrus Feed – Winter can be stored indefinitely in a cool, dry place. Always read the label before applying and keep out of reach of children and pets.