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The Big Cheese Rat & Mouse Killer Pasta Sachet 6 pack


The Big Cheese Rat & Mouse Killer Pasta Sachets are ready-for-use bait for the control of rats and mice in and around buildings. The pasta bait is to be used in tamper resistant bait stations. The soft, tasty pasta bait stays clumped together. Less crumbs and less mess makes it an ideal bait for kitchens and food preparation areas to avoid cross-contamination. The advanced formula kills rats and mice. With 50% less poison than previous formulations, it is the ideal choice for use in and around the home. This advanced formula has been specially designed with the highest quality food materials, flavours and preservatives to create a highly palatable bait that kills rodents in just a few feeds.

  • Fresh pasta bait for maximum bait take.
  • Ideal for kitchen and food prep areas where there are competing food sources that may otherwise result in reduced bait-take.
  • Bait stays clumped together resulting in less crumbs and mess to help avoid cross-contamination.
  • Must be used within a tamper proof bait station.
  • Contains Difenacoum.