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Roundup Natural Weed Control Concentrate 280ml

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Control the weeds in your garden with this super concentrate weed control that will break down naturally in the soil, while controlling a broad range of annual garden weeds in flower beds, vegetable patches as well as gravel paths and patios. Pack more weed control into the same size bottle with this super concentrate weed control from Roundup.

It is suitable to use on gravel paths and drives and along fences.

The weed control should be applied on a calm, dry day when there is no risk of spray drift onto adjacent desirable plants. Do not direct spray or allow spray drift onto cultivated plants and lawn as Roundup® NL Weed Control destroys all green plant parts.

Treated areas can be re-planted or re-seeded after 3 days.

Use in April to November when the weeds are actively growing.

For best results apply in warm, dry conditions when weeds are young and actively growing, usually during spring or early summer. Do not apply when there is a risk of frost as weeds will not be actively growing.